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Real Food for Real People: Sassy Cajun Bean Chili

This recipe marks the start of a series of posts called Real Food for Real People.  We want to help give you ideas for incorporating healthy eating into your daily routine.  Each entry will include fresh, new ideas for meals and snacks that are simple, flavorful, and won’t break the bank. Enjoy this flavorful dish inspired […]

How to Make Coffee That’s Tasty and Guilt-Free

“I’d like one grande vanilla latte with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and a touch of hydrogenated oils.” —um, no thank you! The lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and iced coffees from the coffee shop, as well as most of the creamers, syrups, and flavored coffee grounds from the grocery store, are loaded […]