Monthly Archives: February 2015

Got Calcium?

I used to think the only way to get enough calcium was to have a couple glasses of milk and a cup of yogurt every day. I have the good marketing of the National Dairy Council to thank for that – “got milk?” I’ve realized throughout my schooling, though, that there are so many other ways to get enough calcium […]

6 Ways to Incorporate Good Fats into Your Life

Although many people worry about the amount of fat in their diet, they are forgetting that it’s just as important to focus on the type of fats you are eating. Here are some tips for choosing the best kind of fats for your body.   1. Eat more monounsaturated fats. Include foods rich in monounsaturated […]

All Fats are Not Created Equal

It seems like more and more brands over the years have released “low-fat,” “reduced fat,” or “fat-free” options for the foods many Americans love most – potato chips, candies, cake, yogurt, cookies, and even ice creams. Why then do Americans continue to get fatter? Why are so many people still afflicted with chronic diseases such […]