It’s OK to Love Coffee

Hi my name is Katie and I’m a coffeeholic. Ok, maybe there is no such thing as a coffeeholic, but I do love coffee! Just the mere mention of coffee gets my blood pumping a little faster. As a matter of fact, I’m sipping a hot cup of Joe as I’m typing this post right now! […]

The 80/20 Lifestyle and Why it Beats Restrictive Dieting

It is hard to ignore the vast amount of websites, social media, ads, and people devoted to promoting fad diets, crash diets, and extreme diets that cut out major food groups. Even Dr. Oz has a Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet – Since when is he an expert on nutrition? In reality, extreme diets may help […]

Simple Sugars… Not the Sweetest Thing for Our Bodies

Happy National Diabetes Awareness Month! Did you know that 12.3% of Americans over the age of 20 have diabetes? This may not seem like a high percentage, but it adds up to 29.1 million people in our country who suffer from this growing disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). I’m sure you can […]

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. Maybe you’ve heard this phrase used redundantly like I have, but have you ever thought about whether or not it’s really true? Let’s think it through step-by-step to find the answer. 1.  When you take a bite of food, you chew and moisten it in your mouth, it travels down your […]

Who Needs Supplements? A Guide to Nutrient-Packed Eating

Did you know that your everyday nutritional needs can be met primarily through a diet of whole foods without the addition of nutrient supplements? Although this statement pertains to most healthy Americans, some groups benefit tremendously from taking supplements (see the end of the article for what specific groups may benefit from supplements). In the paragraphs […]

H2O is the Way to Go

Sometimes life can get hectic and the last thing on your mind is drinking the recommended amount of water each day. With the variety of recommendations out there regarding water intake, you may find yourself feeling confused about how much you should actually be drinking. So how much water should we be drinking every day? Unfortunately, […]